When you can’t meet face-to-face, audio conferencing is an effective alternative. It brings together any number of people from anywhere in the world.  Whether you conduct basic team meetings or highly orchestrated conferences, Todays Conferencing has you covered. Try Reservationless-Plus for instant access to a meeting. Or take advantage of dozens of Surround-the-Call Features with Operator Assisted audio conferencing. Our full range of audio services provides you with the right solution for any type of conference.

Today’s Conferencing

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Reservationless Plus

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Ready Access

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Ready Access Outlook Scheduler Plug-In


Operator Assisted Conferencing

Elevate your conference call experience by conducting an operator-assisted conference call from Todays Conferencing. Our professional conference operators will monitor line quality, answer calls, and provide technical assistance to you and your guests.

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Event Conferencing Solutions

An Event Call is any conference that needs extra care because of its importance.  An example of these type of calls would be Investor Relations, All-staff calls, New Product Launch, HR Medical Roll out, and Merger & Acquisitions.  An Event Call is an efficient and professional way to organize meetings for a larger number of participants. The experienced staff in the Events Services group will ensure quality, consistency and complete satisfaction.  You can also take advantage of features which can add great value to your call.  Features such as Q&A, Participant List, Recording Replay, Audio CD/Download, and Transcription to name a few.  Whether your event is for ten or 10,000 people, Todays Conferencing delivers expert service and unmatched attention to detail.


Event Services Conferencing


Event Services

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Direct Event

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Virtual Environment

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